Situation (Letter): As director of human resources at CompuMed biotechnology company (8713 Hillview, Reno, NV 32901,(###) ###-####(###) ###-####(fax)), Andrew McWard helps employees create and implement their individual development plans (IDPs). Employees attend 360-Degree Assessment workshops, where they learn how to get feedback on their job performance from their supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates. They also provide self-evaluations.
Once the 360-Degree Assessments are complete, employees submit them to Andrew, who, with the help of his staff, develops IDPs. Andrew sends the IDPs to the employees prefaced by a cover letter. In this cover letter, he tells them why he is writing and what he is writing about. In the letter’s body, he focuses their attention on the attachment’s contents: supervisor’s development profile, schedule of activities which helps employees implement their plans, courses designed to increase their productivity, costs of each program, and guides to long-term professional development. In the cover letter’s conclusion, Andrew ends upbeat by emphasizing how the employee’s IDPs help them resolve conflicts and make better decisions.
Assignment: Based on the information provided, write this cover LETTER for Andrew McWard. He is sending the letter to ***** *****, Account Executive, 1092 Turtle Hill Rd., Evening Star, GA 20091