Exam Lesson Name: Corrections
Exam Number: 406087RR
1. Parole officials may be liable for harm caused by a parolee’s actions in what circumstances?
A. The harm is great.
B. The parolee is a repeat offender.
C. The harm is caused by a breach of a ministerial duty.D. The harm is caused by a breach of a discretionary duty.
2. When female inmates adopt certain family roles to form kinship networks, they’re said to be
A. creating pseudofamilies.
B. undergoing prisonization.
C. using Freudian coping mechanisms.
D. forming clans
3. _______ was credited with the ideas that people should know precisely what punishment was prescribed for specific offenses and that the severity of a punishment should fit the crime.
A. Cesare Beccaria
B. William Penn
C. Graeme Newman
D. ***** *****
4. At the beginning of 2012, which of the following states held the largest number of prison inmates in privately operated facilities?
A. California
B. Florida
C. Texas
D. New York
5. One of the criticisms of co-correctional facilities is that
A. women prisoners are offered few, if any, economic or educational advantages.
B. family relationships established by the women are negatively affected.
C. male prisoners are not supervised efficiently, putting women at risk.
D. the prison normalizes the environment by integrating the sexes in the daytime
6. Which of the following states had the highest incarceration rate per 100,000 residents in 2011?
A. Oklahoma
B. Louisiana
C. AlabamaD. Texas
7. According to a comprehensive review of research that evaluated the effects of correctional interventions on recidivism rates, which of the following types of correctional interventions was mostsuccessful in reducing recidivism rates?
A. Cognitive-behavioral treatments
B. Milieu therapies
C. Punishment-oriented interventions
D. Work-study programs
8. In 2011, approximately _______ percent of offenders being supervised outside a jail facility (excluding persons on probation or parole) were being supervised by personnel of day reporting centers.
A. 37
B. 15
C. 23
D. 89. What percentage of state prison inmates report having some kind of mental problem?
A. 24%
B. 56%
C. 43%
D. 18%
10. Homosexual activity in women’s institutions is based on
A. affection.
B. pseudofamily roles.
C. the predominance of homosexual women in prison.
D. dominance
11. Which of the following institutions is commonly regarded as the first state prison in the United States?
A. Auburn Penitentiary in New York
B. Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia
C. Charlestown State Prison in Massachusetts
D. Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia
12. Which of the following has notgenerally been found in research on parole release?
A. The chances of failure are generally highest during the early stages of parole.
B. No more than about half of the inmates released on parole successfully complete their term of supervision.
C. State inmates released through mandatory parole almost always have a higher success rate than inmates released by a parole board.
D. Inmates released from prison on parole for the first time are more likely to succeed than rereleases
13. Group counseling is more popular than individual counseling in institutional settings, primarily because
A. although it is less economical, the prison system wants to do what is best for the inmates.
B. it is more economical and there are large numbers of inmates who share similar backgrounds and problems.
C. inmates frequently prefer talking about their problems and fears in front of groups of their peers.
D. it’s been shown to be more effective
14. In _______-generation jails correctional officers constantly supervise inmates from secure control booths that overlook inmate living areas.
A. first
B. fourth
C. third
D. second
15. What method is used to prevent inmates from harming others?
A. Commissary privileges
B. Protective custodyC. Administrative segregationD. Conjugal visits
16. Which of the following cases launched the prisoners’ rights movement?
A. Bounds v. Smith
B. Cooper v. Pate
C. Wolff v. McDonnell
D. Johnson v. Avery
17. For which of the following purposes is most jail funding used?
A. Services
B. Custody and security
C. Accommodations
D. Programs18. Which of the following punishments is considered an intermediate sanction?
A. Home confinement
B. Suspended sentence
C. Probation
D. Incarceration
19. According to the first and second National Inmate Surveys of sexual victimization, approximately what percentage of the nation’s prison inmates experienced sexual victimization?
A. 15.5%
B. 32%
C. 4.5%
D. 9%
20. In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court rule that inmates are entitled to either an
20. In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court rule that inmates are entitled to either an adequate law library or adequate legal assistance?
A. Bounds v. Smith
B. Cooper v. Pate
C. Johnson v. Avery
D. Wolff v. McDonnell