IT specialists

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IT specialists are expected to use a set of technical and people skills to perform the tasks associated with their job.

Select the IT specialist who demonstrates a hard skill.

Katelyn provides a creative solution that satisfies everyone involved, so work on the new software can continue.

Using her knowledge of programming languages, Renee creates new software for her organization.

Andrew meets with his contractors regularly to make sure that their software development projects remain on schedule.

Cassidy holds meetings with company executives to determine how to meet their technology needs while staying within budget.


Which of the following is a best practice for maintaining a safe and healthy workstation?

Lifting a monitor with the back straight and knees bent

Bending the wrist upward in order to access the keyboard

Sitting in a desk chair that has been adjusted to a height that leaves the user’s feet three inches above the floor

Placing the monitor screen 30 inches from the face


Which of the following is NOT an example of copyright infringement?

Chris posts a number of full-text articles onto his website without giving credit to the authors.

Katy uses Wi-Fi at Starbucks during her lunch break to check her email, and to turn in a book report.

Eddie likes photos that were posted on a business’s website, so he downloads them to his computer.

Melanie finds images that are in the public domain and submits them to a photography competition as her own work.


Mel is a research scientist at a health sciences center. His job requires him to analyze large amounts of data in short periods of time.

Select the best computer for Mel.

A handheld tablet computer

A desktop computer with a fast processor

A portable laptop computer

A desktop computer with two screens



Select the true statement about the hard disk.

It carries out commands sent by program software and returns results for a computer to act upon.

It is the working memory of a computer that transfers data when the device is turned on.

It holds the main circuits, and connects other internal components of the computer.

It stores long-term memory when a computer shuts down, and memory is retrieved from it when a computer is turned on.