Simulation of bank calling system

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Simulation of bank calling system
[Problem Description]
Using linear list to simulate the bank’s queuing business model
[Basic Requirements]
1) Suppose that the working hours of the bank are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m
2) The time when customers arrive at the bank is generated randomly, and the customers are queued in the order of arrival. The time required for each customer to handle business can also be generated randomly, no more than 30 minutes. If the randomly generated time length is 0, it indicates that the customer leaves early and does not handle business.
3) When the program is running, input the number of bank windows, and then output the basic information of each customer’s business in the bank according to the randomly generated customer data (arrival time, time required for business), including: customer arrival time, customer waiting time, what time the customer handled business in which window, and how long the business lasted. From this, we can observe the average waiting time of customers and the daily reception volume of banks when the number of windows is fixed.