The principle

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The principle of the ________ states that an organization should operate with the fewest levels possible.
A) streamlined chain of command
B) minimum chain of command
C) retractable chain of command
D) hierarchical chain of command
In order to meet challenges from companies like Yahoo! and Google, the top management team at Microsoft consolidated and merged its seven major business units into
A) the Microsoft entertainment division.
B) the Microsoft business division.
C) the Microsoft platform products and services division.
D) All of the above
________ are the common denominator linking all of the teams at 3M.
A Marketing programs
B) Customer needs
C) Research methodologies
D) Process development procedures
As time passes, employees ________ the organization’s values and the specific rules, norms, and SOPs that govern behavior.
A) conceptualize
B) memorize
C) internalize
D) individualize
________ mark an individual’s entry to, promotion in, and departure from the organization.
A) Rites of passage
B) Rites of enhancement
C) Rites of integration
D) Rites of socialization
________ pertain to the moral values, beliefs, and rules that establish the appropriate way for an organization and its members to deal with each other and with people outside of the organization.
A) Organizational schemas
B) Instrumental behaviors
C) Operational preferences
D) Organizational ethics
Impediments to change that cause inertial are found at the ________ level.
A) organization
B) individual
C) group
D) All of the above
All of the following except ________ are examples of revolutionary change.
A) re-engineering
B) restructuring
C) innovation
D) total quality management
The goal of organization development (OD) is to
A) help people realize their goals.
B) improve organizational effectiveness.
C) help people reach their potential.
D) All of the above
All of the following except ________ are OD techniques directed at changing the attitudes and behaviors of individuals.
A) process consultation
B) sensitivity training
C) total quality management
D) counseling
An example of the use of legitimate power by CEOs is seen when they also possess the power to
A) fire subordinates.
B) withdraw authority from their subordinates.
C) demote subordinates.
D) All of the above
When Nike paid tennis star Serena Williams over $60 million to endorse their tennis products, they capitalized on her
A) coercive power.
B) legitimate power.
C) information power.
D) referent power.
As the vice president for production at Acme Products, Bruce Bishop has learned that he can gain support to accomplish his goals by agreeing to support projects advocated by other executives at Acme. This process of trading support for the interests of various individuals or functions can lead to formation of A) manifest destiny.
B) equitable distribution of scarce resources.
C) political coalitions.
D) an organizational culture based on sharing.
Managing organizational conflict is a way to
A) improve resource allocation.
B) make the organization more effective.
C) improve organizational decision making.
D) All of the above
If on-the-job conflict is due to ________, the organization can use education and training to help employees appreciate the differences in their attitudes and avoid or resolve conflict.
A) a basic disagreement about how work should be performed
B) a disagreement about the performance of the other party
C) a clash of personalities
D) work-force diversity issues
The basic function of communication is to give members of the organization
A) the information they need to do their jobs effectively.
B) an avenue for social interaction.
C) more work to do.
D) a forum in which to voice their complaints.
________ is the sharing of information by means of words, either spoken or written.
A Nonverbal communication
B) Verbal communication
C) Corporate communication
D) Transactional communication
All of the following except ________ are part of a person’s linguistic style.
A) use of pauses
B) physical distance
C) volume
D) tone of voice.
Using the phrase “it’s in the best interests of everyone in our department and vital to the future of our company” frames an argument with
A) an emotional appeal.
B) a logical appeal.
C) a factual appeal.
D) an intellectual appeal.
According to the classical model of decision making, if members of an organization follow the prescribed steps, they will make
A) optimal decisions.
B) satisfactory decisions.
C) efficient decisions.
D) effective decisions.
Organizational members often engage in ________; that is,
they search for and choose acceptable responses to
opportunities and problems.
A) sacrificing
B) optimizing
C) satisficing
D) rationalizing
Ralph Lewis is the leader of the design team for Boola, Inc.’s new office building. It has become apparent in recent meetings that some team members are attempting to influence how offices in the new building are designed because these members personally want window offices. Ralph is concerned
that these members are concentrating on their own self-interests, which may cause the team to become dysfunctional if group members become more concerned about window offices than the overall building. This situation has made Ralph aware that all decision-making groups
A) are polarized, which may or may not be a problem.
B) have to be led with a strong hand by a determined leader.
C) must be aware of the problems of groupthink.
D) have the potential for conflict.
The two types of organizational learning strategies proposed by March to improve decision making are
A) bounded rationality and benchmarking.
B) creativity and bounded rationality.
C) exploration and bounded rationality.
D) exploration and exploitation.
When the business environment is ________, an organization is more likely to decentralize authority and empower its employees to make operating decisions.
A) unknown
B) stable
C) uncertain
D) None of the above
In a ________, divisions are broken down by location.
A) geographic structure
B) market structure
C) functional structure
D) product structure