You work for a small company



You work for a small company that creates text-based games. You have been asked to pitch an idea to your team for a text-based adventure game with a theme and environment of your choice. Your game must include different rooms, items, and a villain. The basic gameplay will require the player to move between different rooms to gather all of the items. A player wins the game by collecting all the items before encountering the villain. The player will have two options for commands in the game: moving to a different room, and getting an item from the room they are in. Movement between rooms happens in four simple directions: North, South, East, and West.You must include the designs for your game as a part of your idea pitch. Specifically, you have been asked to provide a map that displays the different rooms and items. You have also been asked to use pseudocode or flowcharts to design code for moving between rooms and getting items. If your pitch gets approved, these designs will help your team members understand the pitch, and will help the team develop the game in the future.